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It sometimes comes up that when you ask your IT guys what your IP address or range is they give you a more technical answer than you were expecting such as, or worse something that looks like 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:::7334.

This page will cover what you need to know so you can pop the right numbers into OpenAthens, e.g. for organisation accounts or self registration.

If it looks anything like

This format is called CIDR notation and the key thing to know is that the /24 is describing how much of the address is fixed... in a way that makes sense to network guys. In this case it means the first three chunks are fixed and the whole of the last chunk could be anything. This would be entered as either:

  • 123.123.123.*

If it said /16 then the first two chunks are fixed and the last two are wild:

  • 123.123.*.*
  • 123.123.0-255.0-255

The other numbers are... unlikely to come up but if they do there are online tools that will translate "CIDR to IP range"

If it's got lots of colons in it

E.g. something like 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:::7334

This is an IPV6 address and we don't yet support that. If they've not also given you something that has dots in it, get back to them and tell them you need "the IPV4 range"

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