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Business side

A member of your business team should contact your OpenAthens account manager, who will start the process for you and arrange access to the relevant software and configuration pages. If you do not know who your account manager is, the OpenAthens service desk will be able to help.

Technical side

Once the business details are finished, you can register your application. What you ultimately do will depend on whether you are using our software or have an existing SAML SP such as Shibboleth, but there are some common areas:

First familiarise yourself with the...

  1. technical recommendations
  2. best practices
  3. user authorisation options
  4. test process


External applications

(This means any application not using OpenAthens software such as Shibboleth.)

Any software that is configured to support the interoperable SAML 2.0 web browser SSO deployment profile should have no difficulty working within the OpenAthens federation.

Local applications

(This means any application that IS using OpenAthens software.)

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