This space contains the old OpenAthens SP documentation and is no longer maintained.
OpenAthens SP software is already out of support and will reach end of life in May 2020.

Check out OpenAthens Keystone instead. It's supercool and makes dealing with SAML much easier.


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You may sometimes need to locate the OpenAthens cache - e.g. if you need to update permissions for your webserver, or clear it to pick up updated metadata ahead of the cache threshold expiring.

If the cache is shared with other applications, it will be the files starting with ata that you need to remove (e.g. ata-md-af97de6512723ae1157fdef23310a45f06a3acc5)

Default locations

Windows - C:\temp
Linux -  /usr/share/atacama-java/cache-dir/


Delete the files in the cache folder. Restarting the webserver will recache from the latest data.

File permissions

Your webserver will need read and write access to the folder

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