This space contains the old OpenAthens SP documentation and is no longer maintained.
OpenAthens SP software is already out of support and reached end of life in May 2020.

Check out OpenAthens Keystone instead. It's supercool and makes dealing with SAML much easier.


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These pages will cover how to install OpenAthens SP in its most basic form. Advanced configuration options are covered in the maintenance section.

Before you begin

User competencies

The engineer installing the software is assumed to be familiar with their chosen platform. Please read the installation documentation for your platform before committing to installing.


No non-standard ports are used. All OpenAthens specific communication is passed over http or https.

System resources

OpenAthens SP is very light on system resources and unless you are already pushing the limits of your systems you are unlikely to need to make any allowances.

Where to install

OpenAthens SP can most easily be installed on the same server as the application you wish to enable access to and for simplicity the documentation will assume that is the case. You can also use OpenAthens SP to broker access for several applications by acting as a central hub if you prefer.

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