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PUID is an acronymn for Persistent User Identifier.  These are the unique Identifier for each user within the OpenAthens system.  They would be used by a service provider to key personalisation information for example.

PUIDs are always exactly 16 characters long, seperated half way by a colon, for example:


With Athens DA the organisation must pass us a number to represent each of their users that is guaranteed to be unique for the lifetime of the organisations AthensDA implementation.

The first part of the PUID is the hex-encoded value of the UID (padded to exactly 8 characters with leading zeros). It is expressed in big-endian format.

In terms of conversion what this means is that the first 8 characters taken from the example above: 0fac7e00

Should be split into 4 pairs: 0f ac 7e 00

Then the pairs reversed: 00 7e ac 0f

Then re-connected: 007eac0f

Then finally converted from Hexidecimal to Decimal to give: 8301583

The following MS Excel formula which should be copied into cell B2 assumes you have 3 columns defined, with Headings "PUID" in cell A1, "UID(Hex)" in cell B1 and "UID(Dec)" in cell C1 and that you have a valid 8 character PUID entered in cell A2:

=MID(A2,7,2) & MID(A2,5,2) & MID(A2,3,2) & LEFT(A2,2)

Next, this formula should be copied into cell C2:


This should give you the UID value in C2, you can drag the formulas down as per standard Excel functionality if you have a list of PUIDs.

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