OpenAthens LA support ended on 31 March 2020


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Admin console will not start (Windows)

The application is installed as a Windows service and should be set to startup automatically in services.msc.

The application is 32 bit and requires a 32 bit version of Java installed. The installer checks this, but removing 32bit Java later will break things.

Cannot see the proxy tab in the administration console after upgrading from v2.1

Because this function did not exist in older versions, it defaults to not visible. To rectify:

  1. Log into the administration console as the a user with access to modify accounts (e.g. admin) and select User management from the user menu (has your username on it)
  2. Select the user, clear any view and modify check boxes for the proxy and save
  3. Select the user again and add back the proxy view and modify access then save again.

The proxy tab should now be visible

Cannot update the administration console via Yum

As well as the username and password in the /etc/yum.repos.d/openathens.repo file, the access to the repository is also IP restricted using the same details as are on the account in the OpenAthens MD administration area. If the runtime is outside of the specified range, the connection will fail. Rectify by checking the credentials and adding the relevant IP address to the account.

Categories are not assigned as expected when based on multi-valued attributes such as memberOf

With multi-valued attributes, if any value matches the condition then the category applies. Where this can get tricky is the 'not' operators because they will apply the category if any value does not match, rather than only when all values do not match.

Changes on the runtime server couldn't be applied

Possible reasons include

  • There is a connection problem with the runtime - edit the connection and look for red crosses on page two of the wizard
  • There are no runtimes connected
  • If the progress bar waits on 95% for a long time, this indicates problems starting Apache

I've forgotten the superuser password

  1. Calculate an MD5 hash of a new password
  2. Locate the oala-login.xml file. Depending on your OS and architecture this will be in:

         Linux: /usr/share/openathensla-admin/data/oala-login.xml
    Windows 32: C:\Program Files\Eduserv\OpenAthens LA Admin\data\oala-login.xml
    Windows 64: C:\Program Files (x86)\Eduserv\OpenAthens LA Admin\data\oala-login.xml
  3. Open the file for editing and find the <login> section for the superuser account
  4. Update the password with the MD5 hash you crated earlier
  5. Restart the service

      Linux: sudo service openathensla-admin restart
    Windows: via services.msc

Runtime connection wizard has red crosses on the connection check

A couple will never be red, but four might be. If so, the problem will be:

  • Runtime software correctly installed. Should not be seen unless you are building your own runtime.
  • Runtime supports proxy. Will be red if you have not configured a proxy hostname on the configurations tab, or if you have uninstalled the proxy module on the runtime.
  • Runtime administration permission. Specified account not in the sudoers file. If this is the maint account on our VM image, restart the runtime.
  • Runtime statistics enabled. Usually a problem with the network blocking port 5051.

Statistics do not appear

If no statistics appear, check port 5051 is open between the runtime(s) and the administration console

If recent statistics, or specificic parts of the statistics such as the summary do not appear, restart openathensd on the runtime server

sudo service openathensd restart

Statistics for a user category have disappeared

They haven't been deleted and the transfers are still counted under the everyone category however the admin console will only display stats for categories that it knows exist. Rectify by adding the category back. You do not have to assign the category to any active users.

500 error message on publish

This is usually because the runtime hostname does not have a value

Where do I find my licence key?

It is displayed on Log in with the same account you used to download the software or configure yum.

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