OpenAthens LA support ended on 31 March 2020


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When installed, the Atacama platform has the following directory structure:


where %{ATACAMA_HOME} is the home directory of the Atacama platform, typically /usr/share/atacama-platform/.

These directories are used as follows:

  • docs contains API documentation for developers using the platform.
  • examples contains example code using the platform APIs.
  • include contains the C header files for developers using the platform APIs.
  • keys on installation, this contains no keys, however it will contain a simple shell script,, which allows one to generate self signed certificates. It may contain a number of PEM-encoded files. These files should be a concatenation of certificate and private key sections.
  • lib contains the core platform libraries (libatacama and libatacama-policy).

  • metadata is initially empty on installation. However, it can contain a number of SAML metadata files containing entities which OpenAthens LA will trust. Files must have a .xml extension. Additionally, it may contain a file named metadata.sources that lists URLs of metadata files - these will be loaded when the runtime server is restarted.

    It is possible to add metadata URLs via the administration console (which is the recommended method). Use of this directory is only for advanced use, or for testing without using the console.

  • modules contains all modules available to the platform. These will have a .so or .dll extension for native modules, or .rb extension for Ruby modules. If you write any additional modules, they must be installed in this directory.
  • schemas contains the XML schemas, specifying the platform configuration syntax.
  • trust may contain a number of PEM-encoded certificate files that specify the certification authorities which the platform will trust. Typically, each federation will require a certificate to be installed in this directory, before the platform will trust metadata issued by those federations.
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