OpenAthens LA support ended on 31 March 2020


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On the overview tab , click on the runtime section of the right-hand panel and then the configure new runtime button:

This will launch a connection wizard.


  • The address of [each] runtime you wish to connect as the admin console server would route to the runtime(s)
  • The maint username and password of [each] runtime you wish to connect (if using your own server, any username in the sudoers file is ok)


  1. Launch the wizard, enter the maint username and password and click next.

  2. Click 'trust always' to accept the server key when prompted (otherwise you will have problems publishing later)

  3. The wizard will run some checks on the runtime

  4. If any checks are red, go to the troubleshooting section: Admin console installation troubleshooting

  5. Confirm the configuration and authentication providers - these will be the ones used by this runtime.

  6. Confirm the network interface(s). If you have not configured the proxy setting on the configurations page there will only be one. If you are using the proxy, there will be a second interface choice to make. You will get the best results using separate network interfaces for IdP and proxy.


First publish

Click the publish button, enter a note and if all is well move on.

If all is not well, go to the troubleshooting section

Restrict access to the admin console (optional)

You could pass the superuser account over to the library at this point, but you can also, if you like, give them a limited account which will not let them change the authentication and data store connection details.

To set this up, click on the admin username in the top menu and select the user management option

Start with the add new user button and complete the fields on the right. Recommended options for the library are shown (allows them to see but not modify the connection to your directories, which is primarily useful if they contact us for support).

You can now pass the address and access credentials to the library, or whoever is going to be running the system.

Anything else?

As this will be considered mission critical by the library, you should include the admin console and runtime servers in your CMDB and change control processes.

From time to time the library may ask you to update to a newer version or apply a security patch. Whenever we announce an update there will be accompanying instructions and most will be along the lines of 'log in and run this single command'.

Next steps:

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