OpenAthens LA support ended on 31 March 2020


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This information is supplied for reference only and is not supported by our service desk


Current and recent versions of the OpenAthens LA administration console generate a keystore automatically when they are first run and under normal circumstances you should not need to create a new one.

The location of the keystore should be:

Windows: C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Eduserv\OpenAthens LA Admin\conf\keystore

Linux: /usr/share/openathensla-admin/conf/keystore

Adding a new keystore  

keytool keystore -genkeypair -alias oa_admin -keyalg rsa -keysize 2048 -storepass [passwd] -dname CN=[dn] -keypass [passwd] -validity 3650


  • [passwd] = a password
  • [dn = fully] qualified domain name of the admin server, e.g.
  • keystore is the name of your keystore (and path)


If you prefer a GUI, 'KeyStore Explorer' may be what you're looking for.


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