OpenAthens LA support ended on 31 March 2020


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Backup steps:

Backing up the configuration database from a web browser (recommended)
  1. In the administration interface go to the tools menu and select backup
  2. Save the zip file somewhere safe.
Backing up the configuration database from the command line (Linux install / Virtual machine images)
  1. As root, navigate to the data folder and copy the OALAModelDB folder to your chosen location. This example copies it to the /tmp directory .

    >sudo -i
    >cd /usr/share/openathensla-admin/data/
    >cp -rp OALAModelDB /tmp/OALAModelDB
  2. Use your favourite file explorer program to move the backup to your chosen location.

Backing up the configuration database from the file system (Windows install)
  1. Navigate to the data directory in the OpenAthens LA install directory, typically:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Eduserv\OpenAthens LA Admin\data
  2. Copy the OALAModelDB folder somewhere safe

Restore steps:

To restore a backed up administration console settings database you will need to stop the service, remove the old database folder and put the desired version in its place before starting the service back up. The runtime is not affected so user access is uninterrupted, only administrator access.

Restoring a backup (Linux install / Virtual machine images)
  1. Transfer the OALAModelDB folder you backed up to your administration console using your favourite file transfer program
  2. Stop the openathensla-admin service
  3. Remove the existing folder (you may like to backup the old one as per Linux instructions above)
  4. Move or copy the replacement to the data folder
  5. Set the file ownership to openathens:openathens
  6. Start the openathensla-admin service back up

The following example assumes the backup is in the /tmp directory and that you are keeping a copy of the database you are replacing just in case you need to roll back:

>sudo -i
>service openathensla-admin stop
>cd /usr/share/openathensla-admin/data/
>cp -rp /tmp/OALAModelDB OALAModelDB
>chown -R openathens:openathens OALAModelDB
>service openathensla-admin start

Restoring a backup (Windows install)
  1. Stop the openathensla-admin service in 'Services':

  2. Remove the existing folder from the data directory (you may like to backup the old one at this time). The directory is typically located here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Eduserv\OpenAthens LA Admin\data
  3. Copy the replacement to the data folder.
  4. Start the openathensla-admin service again in the task manager



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