OpenAthens LA support ended on 31 March 2020


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You are the best person to decide how you want to manage the set-up of OpenAthens LA within your own infrastructure. What follows is not a definitive list, but some suggestions and things you might not have considered yet..

Basic things to include in your project plan

  • Network and server resource availability
  • Prepare hostnames
  • Obtain SSL certificate(s)
  • IT colleague workload and availability - whilst this can be done in small chunks, it is usually best to assign time to ensure the installation can be handed over to the library on time.
  • Contacting service providers - the library will need to tell the providers of their resources about their new capabilities and identifiers

Other things to consider including in your project plan

  • availability of the servers that will be used - if they are likely to be regularly shut down for any reason, you may like to run additional runtimes so that they are not all shut down at once.
  • adding the servers and networking to whatever change control processes you have to minimise potential disruption and downtime. Ensure the teams responsible for the various components understand that this is mission critical for the library.
  • do you want or need a staging environment to test things before making them live?
  • If you have an existing entityID in a federation...
    • Using a different entityID allows for parallel running and a phased roll-out.
    • Using the same entityID and salt as an old IdP may be possible and if so would mean your users can retain any personalisations that are linked to their login by service providers, however no parallel running is possible and rolling back, whilst possible, can take a couple of days. 




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