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Path to function: Accounts > Add > Organisation

Organisation accounts cannot access resources, only the administration site and the service desk and they are restricted by location. As with user accounts there is a four-tab creation wizard.


First you set the username, password and expiry date.


If an organisation is assigned a unique identifier it will be seen as different by resources and will be able to subscribe to content separately. It may be unable to access content linked to a parent organisation or domain's identifiers, so it's best to leave these options unselected unless and until you are certain.

The username prefix allows you to specify a longer prefix for all user accounts under that organisation and is usually left blank.

Authorised addresses on this tab are the IP addresses where the account will work. You can use wildcards and hostnames for wider ranges, but you must list the external IP address - any starting with 10. or 192. are internal addresses and will not work. There are many online resources that will display your IP address for you.



Ranges may only be specified within the last two octets. If you have a range that includes a slash it will need to be translated into an accepted format.


The details of the organisation's administrator.


The organisation name is associated with all user accounts under this organisation. If this organisation has a unique identifier then the organisation name will be visible externally to both your users and to service providers.

If you use custom self-registration you may see additional fields here relating to that function such as trusted IP addresses and email domains.

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