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  • Navigate to the panel editor
  • Configure the panel as described below
    • Set whether users should be able to close the panel
    • Set whether the panel should appear before or after login, or both
    • Create a title (Mandatory)
    • Create a description (Mandatory)
    • Enter the Search engine URL e.g.;cmd=search&amp;holding=<holding_code>
      • Where <holding_code> is your own organisations code for PubMed
    • Select post
    • You have the option to change the label which appear on the ‘Submit’ button
    • Click ‘Add input box’ to configure the free text search field
      • Enter label text for search field
      • Enter a parameter name e.g. ‘term’ for PubMed

  • Click ‘Update’ to show a preview of what the panel will look like

Using the PubMed Search Panel

1.   Login to MyAthens and you will see the panel

  • Enter a search term and click ‘Submit’ to carry out the search

You will see that we are at a particular article and due to the URL we used, we are presented with St Vincent’s Full-text link in the top-right hand corner.

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