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  • Navigate to the panel editor
  • Configure the panel as described below
    • Set whether users should be able to close the panel
    • Set whether the panel should appear before or after login, or both
    • Create a title (Mandatory)
    • Create a description (Mandatory)
    • Enter the Search engine URL:
    • HTTP method: get
    • You have the option to change the label which appear on the ‘Submit’ button
    • Enter the ‘submit’ button value: Search
    • Click ‘Add input box’ to configure the free text search field
      • Enter label text for search field in ‘Box Title’
      • Enter search parameter name: bquery
    • Click ‘add hidden parameter’ multiple times to add each additional field indicated below.
      • Name: authtype / value: athens
      • Name: direct / value: true
      • Name: scope / value: site
      • Name: site / value: eds-live
    • If you want to limit the results so only full text search results are returned, please include additional hidden parameters:
      • Name: cli0 / value: FT
      • Name: clvo / value: Y

  • Click ‘Update’ to show a preview of what the panel will look like on the left hand side of the panel editor.

  • When you are happy with the search box, click ‘publish these panels’ at the top of the MyAthens panel editor.

Using the EDS Search Panel

  • Login to MyAthens and you will see the panel

  • Enter a search term and click ‘Submit’ to carry out the search. 

Even though no customer specific information is included in the form above, the user is directed to the appropriate EBSCO Discovery Service profile because they are passed through an OpenAthens authentication gateway.

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