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Path to function: Preferences > Notifications

This preference page allows you to select your choice of metrics to include in optional daily and weekly summary emails. They will be sent to the address on your administrator account and depending on your choices there may be up to 8 emails per week (7 daily and 1 weekly).

For each type of notification on the page: decide if you want them included in a daily and / or weekly email by ticking the boxes. Selected lines will be included whether or not there is data to report. Ticking no boxes on a line means it will not be included in the email and if no boxes are ticked on any lines then no summary emails will be sent.

Where possible the email will link to more information in the administration area - e.g. a list of the accounts due to expire so that you can take action.

Immediate notifications about resources being added, removed or modified are not affected by this page. All possible notifications are listed on the page so there may be more here than you see in the audit page.

A typical email might look something like this:


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