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Some networks are configured to only allow connections to known web services and may need to be updated to allow OpenAthens to work. Most networks are not configured to block unspecified sites by default, but if you cannot access the administration pages or resources you may need to pass this data to your network team to enable access.

The specific IP addresses frequently change so whitelisting the hostnames is the only practical solution.

With the hostnames, we recommend wildcarding * so that future services are not blocked, but if you need to do them individually, this is what they are:

*.openathens.netUsed forRequired?
adminAccount administrationYes
loginSigning in to the serviceYes
goRedirector linksUsually
docsOn-line documentationUsually

Self registration

If using self registration
statusService status pageYes
supportService desk web interfaceYes


Demonstration resourceOptional
myMyAthens user portalIf using MyAthens
my-adminMyAthens user portal managementIf using MyAthens
proxyManaged proxy serviceIf using the managed proxy service

See also: Information for the IT team

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