OpenAthens SP software end of life is approaching.
Keystone, Wayfinder and the OpenAthens federation are unaffected.


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Due to changes in Windows memory monitoring since Windows Vista/Server 2008, customers running the OASP .NET server module on an upgraded Windows environment could see memory violations which may eventually cause the web server to crash.

The following steps will provide a workaround and will also improve both stability and performance. Intermittent memory violations may still occur if the server is under high stress for a long duration, but this will not be sufficient to cause a service outage.


  1. Open Internet Information Services Manager
  2. Select “Application Pools”, right click on the application pool used by your website and select “Advanced Settings…”

  3. On the “Advanced Settings” popup dialog, set “Maximum Worker Processes” to 5. This will ensure the most stable environment under very heavy load.
    Note: a lower number may work but this will depend on the server load and on your application.

  4. Ensure “Disabled Overlapped Recycle” is set to ‘False’
  5. Specify a “Maximum Request Limit” to ensure the worker process is recycled periodically.





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