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Whilst our service desk will always try to be helpful, they can only support the OpenAthens end. Information about Blackboard Learn was correct at the time of writing.


  • Access to the OpenAthens administration area at the domain level
  • Access to the Blackboard Learn support interface


Look up your redirector prefix

Access the administration area as the domain administrator and navigate to the redirect link generator (Resources > Redirector link generator).

The part you are interested in is the bit like this:

Whilst the OpenAthens redirector is not a proxy, it has been designed such that you can use the redirector prefix in place of a proxy prefix where that is supported.  

Update links in Blackboard Learn

There is no single field for a prefix that can be changed in this case which means each link will need to be updated individually. Depending on how your system is hosted and configured there are different procedures for updating links and unfortunately this isn't something we can cover here - you will need to go through Blackboard Learn support for help and guidance about updating links.


If you are comfortable with things like SQL or REST APIs, then depending on how Blackboard is hosted the following links may help you:

If you have write access to the database:

If you use the SaaS version, there's an API: 

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