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Single or multi-line text fields for information such as identifiers or course codes. Single line text fields can be marked as reportable.


For drop-down lists of options for things like job roles, disciplines or other things to group on. Can be marked as reportableReportable.


For either / or questions such as whether someone is full time or has agreed to something. Can be marked as reportable Reportable.

Email address

Similar to a single line text field but includes validation for an email address.


If you disable or delete custom attributes they no longer appear in any interface including bulk upload, download, and the API, so any processes you have set up that expect that data will run into difficulty. The reporting function will stop collecting their data on them.

The default value on a new date attribute will be applied from the account modification date on existing accountsWhen you set an attribute as required, the account edit functions will not let you save changes until the mandatory field is completed.

The reporting function starts collecting data on custom attributes as soon as it starts seeing accounts that have a value, but cannot apply it retrospectively to data that has already been collected.