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  • One or more resources that you access link the usersuser's targetedID to any kind of personalisation (e.g. saved searches, alerts), and
  • You have users who make use of the linked services


  1. Go to advanced search and craft a search to return all relevant accounts across your domain - e.g. active accounts that are not expired across you and all sub-organisations.

  2. From the results, select the checkboxes for the relevant accounts (the select all option may be what you need)

  3. Click the actions button that has appeared and use the download option. Depending on how many accounts you are dealing with, this may take a few seconds or several minutes. If you have a very large number of accounts , (say 70,000 or more, ) you may not be able to download them all in one file.

  4. Once ready there will be a success box with a link to the file page. If you miss the select box, you can access the download file via the big downloads button on the homepage.

  5. Download the file to your computer - it is the data under persistentUID that you will need to add to your local accounts in your system. 


The next time a user with a PUID mapping signs in via the connector they will present the same targetedID to a resource that their OpenAthens account did.

Anything to watch out for?

If there was a period between enabling the local connector and adding this step to maintain targetedIDs, any active users will have sent different targetedIDs for that period.