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From the search results page there are a number of actions you can perform on the accounts you select. The exact selection of what is available will depend on what type of account you have selected - e.g. administrator accounts cannot be deleted this way.

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Allows you to change one or more attributes for multiple personal accounts. Most core and all schema fields are available but you cannot change names, emails or expiry dates this way. 

Enter new values for the fields you want to change, or the trash button for fields you want to erase data from, and click on the update button. On the confirm page you have an option to receive an email when the job completes in case it's a large one.

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Deletes accounts. You will see the accounts struck through in the results list until the delete job completes at which point they will disappear from the results.


Accounts can be associated with only one group at a time. Allocating accounts to a group will override any existing group membership. Anchorsetssets

Allocate and revoke permission sets sets

This action is only available when your search is limited to accounts at your level - it will not appear if the search criteria includes accounts belonging to sub-organisations.