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Adding or editing a mapping

  • Set If you will be using these attributes for reporting, releasing data to publishers, or you need them to match existing OpenAthens accounts then set up your OpenAthens attribute schema first

  • You will need to know the names of the attributes available from your local connection and what they are for. Your IT colleagues will be able to give you a list if they are not with you when you do this.

    • Attribute and claim names are case sensitive


  1. Click the add mapping button on the attributes tab of your local area connection

  2. Enter the name of the attribute you are mapping from. 

  3. Enter the target name. You will usually want to map local attributes to existing Existing OpenAthens attributes and these will appear as choices as you type, but if you are not matching existing accounts or using them for reporting you can make up the target name.

  4. Enter a display name. The system will have had a guess at a display name for you but this can be changed if you like.

  5. Click done

  6. Repeat the process to add any more mappings and then use the save changes button


Any changes you save will go live almost immediately but do not affect users until the next time they log sign in to OpenAthens - i.e. a user with an active browsing session will continue to use the old settings until their session ends (most relevant when you are testing your changes).


If you are mapping to a releasable attribute that would be scoped in a federation context, then OpenAthens will add the scope. This could lead to a value such as if you send values that include a scope.