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Current release

Release date: PLACEHOLDER

Major new features

FeatureAvailable toNotes
Release policy editor (core attributes)AllControl which core attributes are released to service providers
Schema editorMostAllows collection and storage of custom attributes in our systems
Not available to users of custom self-registration
New authentication point*Federated usersThose that exclusively use federated resources can move to using the new authentication point
Release policy editor (custom attributes)Federated usersAbility to release custom attributes to service providers as well as core attributes
LDAP integrationFederated usersUse a LDAP server (including ActiveDirectory) instead of creating and managing OpenAthens accounts.
ADFS integrationFederated usersUse ActiveDirectory Federation Server instead of creating and managing OpenAthens accounts.

* At this time the new authentication point only works with federated resources. The features that depend on the new authentication point will be made available to other users in later releases.

Notable bug fixes and other enhancements

  • MDP-PLACEHOLDER - updated organisation delete process
  • MDP-PLACEHOLDER - top level domain restrictions



Previous releases

Release date: Thursday 11 December 2014