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For the date range you select you receive a summary of the events that have happened to your accounts such as the number of accounts created or , deleted, or the number of users who have moved organisationmoved or updated. As with all other date ranges in OpenAthens, they are inclusive.

To the right of this you also get this information broken down by individual accounts and you can filter this by username to see events for just that one user if needed.

As with the search page, you can decide how many items that are visible on each page of results.

Clicking on a username will bring up that user's account details (unless that account has been moved from your administration area) . Clicking and clicking on a summary item on the left will filter the view on the right to only show those items - to show all again, click the search button.


  • Successful authentication attempts
  • Failed authentication attempts
  • Changes of password
  • Automated expiry email being sent
  • Changes of Organisation
  • Changes of email address
  • Account deactivations
  • Account activations
  • Accounts expiring
  • Account deletions
  • Eligibility status changes
  • Accounts suspended due to successive authentication failures (5 failures and the suspension lasts 5 minutescauses a 10 minute suspension)
  • Accounts disabled due to use across several countries on the same day (the suspension lasts until you reset the password or trigger an activation email for that user)

Actions not performed during the selected time will not have recorded events, so will not have summary items.