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We use an Agile methodology for OpenAthens development which involves a list of things to do called a product backlog and units of work called sprints. These ideas and requests feed into product management where they are assessed for desirability, practicality and feasibility, and prioritised accordingly. If they are items that are already on the product backlog, then the priority of that item may be adjusted. Priorities and ordering of backlog items will change over time as the product develops and the needs of the market change.


Some ideas will not be possible to take forward and in those cases we would tell you so and why. For example things something that, whilst good for you, would be bad for other users would not go forward.


The things that go to the top of the list are the ones that will clearly benefit most or all users of the system.

From time to time we may ask your opinion on potential developments so that we can understand your needs better.