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In such those cases there are times when you (but not everyone) would need to see them. For those situations we have a javascript boomarklet you can use:

  1. Drag the bookmarklet to your shortcuts bar if you don't already have it:

    <div style="width:200px;border:1px solid;text-align: center; background-color:#e0e0eb">
    <p><a href="javascript: (function(){var jsCode = document.createElement('script'); jsCode.setAttribute('src', '/resources/wayfinder-debug.js'); document.body.appendChild(jsCode);}());">Wayfinder Debug</a></p></div>
  2. Go to a page on the wayfinder domain and click the bookmarklet.  You'll get a message that tells you it's been turned on (or off). It can only be turned on or off on the wayfinder domain, e.g. during a referral. If Wayfinder is  embedded in your application you'll need to go there manually: isn't pretty but will get it done for you.
  3. Hidden orgs will now be visible in Wayfinder to you in that browser .