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  • Federations - download that federation's metadata , find and check that your entity , and appears. If it's there check that it included includes a <idpdisc:DiscoveryResponse> section that specifies Wayfinder.
  • Entity categories - in the publisher dashboard go to the application > configuration tab. Entity ; entity categories are set at the bottom of the page and remove them - you are unlikely to need any set.. Remove them and check Wayfinder again in about 5 minutes.
Unexpected entities appear in Wayfinder

Your entity appears in one of the federations that Wayfinder is aware of, or you have debug mode turned on.

  • Federations -
    • The federation toggles on your connection in the dashboard do not affect your appearance in other federations. They only affect which metadata is available to your application, not Wayfinder
    • EduGAIN means that as well as only needing to join one Academic federation to appear in many, there can be a delay between updates to the metadata in the federation you registered in and the other federations that include it picking up the change. Timezones and weekends play a part in how long it could take
  • Debug mode - this will, when enabled on your browser, tell Wayfinder to include entities that have a hide from wayf entity category on them.