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Use the entityID displayed in your administration area as described above. E.g.


Use teh the scope displayed in your administration area as described above. E.g.


titleLogo URL

You will need to know your OpenAthens domain (usually the same as your scope) and your organisation number. Both can be seen on the Organisations page (

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) and . Once you have those you just need to plug them into:

Once you've filled them in, test the link - e.g.


Automatically generated metadata

This In most cases, this will be in the form:

... where domain is your OpenAthens domain, usually the same as your scope. See: How to access your metadata

(This is slightly different from the metadata address you would use for a custom SAML application as it includes a UK federation specific context)If you need to have a different entityID in the UK Access Management federation from the one you have in the OpenAthens federation then you will need to add /c/ukfed to the end of the metadata address - examples:

For most users:

UK fed specific entityID: