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  1. Sign in as the domain administrator then go to Preferences > Schema editor.
  2. Drag an attribute type from the left into the account schema on the right
    1. For OpenAthens accounts: choice attributes are usually recommended as the put a definable dropdown list into the interface.
    2. If you are using a local connector: the text attribute is recommended choice as it allows the value restriction to be defined in your local system instead
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Tick the box for reportable
  5. Click done and save
  6. Populate data into existing accounts / make sure your local system is passing mapping the data 

For more details, see also: 

I use local accounts but I cannot map the local attribute values I need to a custom attribute because they are too long / inconsistent / badly spelled to be used...

We have something in the pipeline for you similar to the way you can assign permission sets... but it is not ready yet. If you do not map users to sub-organisations the permission set mapping options may be sufficient for your needs at the moment (permission sets do not need to contain resources as far as reporting is concerned).You can transform them to a value that suite you. See: Attribute transformation

How do I migrate my user groups or permission sets to custom attributes?


Depending on the number of accounts, groups or permission sets you have, and the approach you take this could take anywhere from a few minutes to more than an hour. There are more detailed instructions at: How to migrate from user groups or permission sets to custom attributes 

How do I get user IDs in the reports

First you should determine whether or not you need that as there are some privacy implications, and putting things like job roles or department data into OpenAthens as above is usually a better approach - see About reports and privacy

  1. In the schema editor find the attribute that contains the user ID you are after
    1. Local account users may need to create an attribute and map data to it first as above
    2. OpenAthens account users may need to expand the core attributes section 
  2. Set it as reportable and save changes