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The authentication reports and the resource access reports will be of interest to all though, and to work out how to get the most out of them we first need to understand the three As 'A's - Authentication, Access and Aggregation:


Authentication is just about signing in to OpenAthens and not about access to content. It will tell you about how many user sessions there have been (and by how many unique users) - e.g. if you have 4200 authentications on a day by 1400 unique users you can see that your users are averaging 3 sessions per day. 

Access reports

Access is about resource accessI'm cheating a bit with the second 'A' as it is Resource Access. Technically it is about transfers to resources ( access attempts ) as the resources do not say tell us whether or not they let the user in . but in general though the things you have a subscription to should have let them in. 


Aggregation is the most important of the three 'A's because it is about which fields have already been added up, the most basic example of which is the date - e.g. the system has already added up how many of X or Y happened yesterday or last Thursday. This means that it already has that data available when you ask, and just has to display it - i.e. when the arithmetic is already done, reports can appear quickly.


The things the reports optionally aggregate on are (and this is the exciting one):