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Management > MyAthens > Panel editor

It is possible to set up a custom search panel integrated into your chosen search engine.

Here are some general steps:

  • Click ‘MyAthens’ from the 'Management’ menu

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  • After selecting Management > MyAthens, select the Panel editor link

  • Click 'Add a panel +'

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  • Click ‘Custom Search Panel’Select a custom search panel from the options

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  • You will be presented Complete the a form like this where you can configure the panel to integrate with form with the details relevant to your chosen search engine. If you are asking the service provider for information, you would need to find the following details
    • Search engine URL
    • Uses GET or POST
    • Required parameters and if their order is relevant

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  • Here are some specific examples:


Examples for specific service providers:

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If you have configured other search panels and you are happy to share, please send them to the service desk who will arrange for them to be added here.