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Account creation runs over a four-tab wizard.


First you set the username and whether they can log in via email address, then whether you want to email the user an activation code (recommended) or specify a password for them (e.g. if you are creating a test account for yourself).


Now enter Enter the user's details including name and email. All the text - all the fields on this tab must be completed. Depending on your subscription schema you may see more mandatory fields here than first name(s), last name and email address. Checkboxes , will appear here if they appear, when are marked as mandatory, mean that it is mandatory that they are yes or nobut do not have to be ticked.

Optional details

These include non-mandatory fields. By default these are items such as group, title, phone number and department but your view may be different if you have custom schema fields.

Featured here are is the group selector. If you have many groups, the search will reduce the list as you type. You can all also create a new group if what you enter is not already in the list.


Which permission sets should be assigned to the account. Default permission sets are already selected. Clicking on the permission set description will open that permission set.


Once you have completed all pages you can click the button to create the account. Assuming you left the activation option unchanged, the user will now be sent an email with instructions using your template.


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