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  • where the value of an attribute is correct, but not presentable
    • e.g. turn a value of 'CN=Filius Flitwick , DN=Teaching Staff, DN=ad, DN=hogworts, DN=sch, DN=uk' into 'Professor'
  • where the value you need for an attribute is not available from your system, but you can infer it from other values that are
    • e.g. if role contains Professor Staff and house has a value, then set headOfHouse = true.


You cannot use transformed values in other transformations.


titleMulti-valued attributes

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An organisation has offices in 20 cities around the world. The directory they have connected to OpenAthens can pass the name of the office (e.g. Abuja office), but not the country. All users have access to the same set of resources and are not separated by sub-organistaion or permission set.