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Because information about OpenAthens accounts  and and Local accounts are is stored differently , there are some differences in how quick-search handles them.  For OpenAthens accounts, only the key fields of username, first name, last name and email address are queried by quick-search. For local accounts - all cached fields are searched as there is no common set.. 

Advanced search


Path to function: Toolbar > Advanced

Unlike quicksearch the advanced search allows you to find individual OpenAthens accounts or subsets of them based on any attribute or combination of attributes. Both will allow you to perform actions upon results such as delete, activate, download, and the assignment of permission sets or groups. Advanced search only supports OpenAthens accounts.

Start on the search page with some basic decisions about the accounts' status, expiry date and location, and then choose any combination of other attributes to perform the search including email, date, and name fields; there are many attributes to choose from and you can see all the ones that are available when you click on the field list. If you know the field name, you can start typing it and the list will shorten. All fields from your schema are included.