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Organisation 'accounts' exist one per organisation and allow you to access the administration interface, but not resourcesdefine certain things about that organisation or sub-organisation

As with account pages, this is split into sections for details and permissions


  • Organisation aliases - for alternative names for your organisation that may be used by your users
  • Trusted email domains - e.g. (not
  • Trusted IP addresses - e.g. 123.12.34.* or *


The permissions section lets you change the IP restrictions for your organisation account access. IP restrictions on your account are based on the external addresses the system can see, not what your computer will tell you about its IP configuration. Check yours with an external tool such as typing 'IP address' into Google, or visiting a site such as This additional protection for your administration access is encouraged but not mandated - it is possible to remove all location blocks for an organisation account (you would enter 0-255.0-255.* as the 'restriction') but we do not recommended it unless there is no alternative.

This is also where you can specify that a sub-organisation has unique identifiers when you are viewing their account details from your login.


Deleting organisations

If this account represents an organisation that does not itself own any sub-organisations, a delete button will appear between the impersonate and actions buttons: