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Users with OpenAthens accounts from your organisation can still sign in by entering their username and password in the same login box as the SirsiDynix accounts. This may affect your choice of label.

Should you need to show more than one option, how they are displayed depends on what they are. If they are all SirsiDynix or LDAP, the user will see a drop down list above the credentials boxes. This will contain all SirsiDynix and LDAP connections that are set as live and visible.




The name of the connection as it will appear to users at our authentication point when there is a choice of connector.

Server host

The address where OpenAthens can connect to your server. This address will need to be accessible by our services from outside of your network.


Server port

The port that your server uses for API traffic. You can specify a non-standard port if necessary.

E.g. 8080

Endpoint URL

Where the API calls should be sent

E.g. /symws4

Client ID

Your client ID


Admin username

Admin password

 Not normally required. Only has to be specified if you need to map or act on privileged attributes such as 'category-1'.

Admin password

Not normally required. Only has to be specified if you need to map or act on privileged attributes such as 'category-1'.


Not live = Can only be used in debug mode.

Live and not visible = Can only be used in debug mode.

Live & visible = production ready. Users will be able to access this login at the authentication point. If you have only one connection it will become the default login whenever your organisation is known (e.g. for any resources where access involves your entityID).

Changes to the status usually take effect within moments.

Create local accounts

Automatically - any user authenticated by your system is deemed ok and will be accepted by the system

Manually - only user IDs you have previously uploaded will be accepted by our systems. See how to limit which local accounts can sign iin

Remove local accounts

Include Page

Statistics show the user identifier passed by the SirsiDynix system, e.g. the barcode.


Connections from us will come from the following IP addresses (5.198.136.* and and your network team may need to be told. Changes to these addresses would be communicated in advance.