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  1. set a different attribute as reportable on and only populate data for your patrons who have consented.
  2. get the data you need to break down things by into OpenAthens and have us do the aggregation.

Since choice 1 will lead to reports that do not include all users, it is possible that the reports you get may not be able to do what you need them to do so option 2 is recommended in most cases

OpenAthens is very flexible about what you can aggregate your data on. For example if you had been exporting usernames so that you could match them to departments, then putting the department data into OpenAthens would let you get the breakdowns you need; you would also most likely change a monthly job of cross-matching data into a one-time job to populate the data.

It could be any attribute of course, but lets let's use department as our example:

By setting the department attribute as reportable

  1. In the schema editor, expand the core section and find the Department attribute. 
  2. Hover over it to reveal the reportable button and click it
  3. Save


By creating a custom choice attribute

  1. In the schema editor, drag a choice attribute into the custom attributes section. 
  2. Set it as required and reportable
  3. Add your departments as the choices
  4. Click on done and then save