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Custom SAML resources were developed for SSO to things like your VLE, G Suite or Adobe Creative Cloud. You can also use them for peer to peer access to SAML resources that have not yet got enough subscribers to benefit from membership of a federation (which makes thing much easier for all parties). In both situations this should work for any SAML target that adheres to the SAML 2 core specification (

Because SAML requires a resource to have a unique identifier (entityID) they can only be added at the domain level.

Custom SAML resources will appear in reports alongside regular and proxy resources.  

Add a new custom SAML resource


You will almost always need to tell the other application about your own metadata or endpoints before it will work,  and you commonly have to add a custom release policy so that the target gets sent the attributes it is expecting - there are examples of this using G Suite or Adobe Creative Cloud.

It can take a few minutes for the resource to be live.