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Display name

The name of the connection as it will appear at our authentication point when there is a choice of connector.

Connection ID

The connection ID that needs to be specified in the API call payload. Pass this to your IT colleague before they begin their implementation.

Connection URI

The domain specific URI where the API will be expecting the POST. Pass this to your IT colleague before they begin their implementation.
Callback URLAn address in your site or application that users will be sent to for authentication (see: Implementing the API connector in your code)

Not live = connection can only be used in debug mode. The visibility and default flags are ignored.

Live and visible (if this is the only local connection) = connection can only be used in debug mode.

Live and visible (if there are multiple live and visible connections) = users are offered a choice of connections, including this one. There is a domain preference to include OpenAthens accounts or not.

Live & visible & default = This is your only login option and users will be sent directly to your login whenever the organisation is known. A successful authentication will tell the authentication point to remember that location. A failed authentication will clear that setting. Debug mode will not show other login options.

Changes to the status usually take effect within momentsa few minutes.

Create local accounts

Automatically - any user authenticated by your system and passed back to us is deemed ok and will be accepted by the system

Manually - only user IDs you have previously uploaded via the list page will be accepted by our systems

Remove local accounts

Include Page

Salt value

The salt used to generate a targetedID for users authenticated by this connection.

Modifying this after you go live will change the identifiers seen by service providers for your users... which is rarely desirable.


Both of these functions can only look at data in the attributes array you pass.

When you're ready to go live, check both the live and visible boxes and then save. Your new connection should be available a few seconds later.