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The resource link generator allows you to create Redirector links that will take the end-user to defined landing pages in compatible resources. This will only generate links for redirectable resources, not for bypassable resources.


Both options will always percent encode the target URLs (sometimes known as URL encoding), and whilst it may not be necessary in every case you should expect to do so if you are creating these links in any other way. There are online tools available that will encode URLs for you and some spreadsheet software will include such a function (useful if colleagues who should not have access to the admin area need to set up links)if you have many.

titleFormula for a spreadsheet

If your URL is in A1, pop the following formula in B1:


(Unfortunately the ENCODEURL function is not available in the online or Mac versions of MS Excel)

There is also a function at that anyone can use by finding their organisation and entering a target URL. This and the spreadsheet option will be useful for colleagues who need to maintain links but don't have access to the admin area. If you're passing the link to a colleague, you might copy the link from the page where you've already found your organisation to save them a step.  

Anything to watch out for?