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To make best use of the Redirector, you will need to plan and prepare. A suggested The action plan is below which includes links to more detailed pages about each function should you need them. It is only a suggestion though:

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The Redirector uses a consistent format for links comprising of a customer specific first part followed by a target address. The link format has been designed this way so that it can be used in place of a proxy server URL in many situations. The link will look something like this:


The best A good place to start generating links is the link generator tool under the resources menu which will check that the target URL you specify is on a redirectable resource and has a handy test button.

If the resource is not redirectable but only bypassable, the access URL will be used and the user can only be sent to the general sign-in page rather than the specified target page. The link generator will not work for these resources, however you can still create redirector links manually - e.g. using a spreadsheet and a formula.

titleFormula for a spreadsheet

If your URL is in A1, pop the following formula in B1:


(Unfortunately the ENCODEURL function is not available in the online or Mac versions of MS Excel)

Further reading: About the redirector, and Redirector link generator


If you want to use IP authentication when users are within your network you will need to tell the Redirector which IP addresses are yours. These should match up with the addresses and ranges you have registered with service providers for IP restricted access and are set at the bottom of the organisation preferences page there's a preference page for that (Preferences > OrganisationRedirector).

Further reading: Redirector IP addresses, and Organisation and Redirector preferences


As well as testing that you are passed to the resources without being challenged for credentials when you are inside your network and IP authenticated, you will also need to test that you do get challenged for credentials and end up at the same target when you are outside of your network (or not IP authenticated).


  • An error from us saying that the resource has not been configured for the redirector.
    • If the link generator tool said that particular target URL was ok, then report this to our service desk
  • An error from us saying you do not have access to the resource.
    • Check that the resource is allocated to one or more of the permission sets used by your accountCheck that you have an active subscription to the resource in question
  • An error from your own network
    • Talk to your network team or equivalent
  • An error from the resource
    • The resource may not believe you have access
    • The target page may be incorrect