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Current release


Release date: 7 February 2019

Notable changes

  • [REP-21] - Replace unique total with average on the authentication report
  • [REP-142] - Remove totals series from the Account totals by status report
  • [REP-177] - Optimise multi-dimensional queries
  • [REP-207] - Error on accessing some reports from emailed link fixed
  • [MY-35] - Fixes to the MyAthens panel editor


Previous releases


Release date: 19 December 2018

Notable changes

  • [MDP-7736, MDP-7812, MDP-7820] - Certain situations could see a hop from https to http and back again
  • [MDP-7617] - transfers to the authentication point quoting an invalid entityID now have a more presentable error message
  • [MPP-7845] - audit sourced values on the homepage link to the relevant audit stream once more



Release date: 15 November 2018

New features


Available to


Audit-based activity for your organisation is available on the dashboard and audit pages for events from todayAllSee: Auditing
Local authentication connectors can now transform inbound attributes to another output valueSites using local authenticationSee: Attribute transformation
New interface-based bulk modify actionSites using OpenAthens accountsSee: How to modify many accounts at once
Automatic banning of accounts when misuse is detectedAllSee: About banned accounts
Core OpenAthens attributes can be set as reportable (including username)AllSee: Schema editor
Choice and yes/no attributes added as breakdown options on Account totals reportsAllSee: Account reports
Quick search extended to local accountsSites using local authenticationSee: About search

Notable bug fixes

  • [MDP-7548] - The expiry date quoted in the account expiring emails was in an unhelpful format
  • [MDP-7616] - SAML requests that cannot be decoded now return a relevant "bad request" error instead of a "something went wrong" error
  • [REP-159] - Report downloads were failing with error: "Cannot create a text value from null."