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Current release

Release date:


4 October 2016

Notable bug fixes and other enhancements

  • [MDP-3554] - Quicksearch now supports searching by did not return results for full email addressaddresses
  • [MDP-3558] - Organisation search results are showing did not show parent name incorrectlycorrectly
  • [MDP-3567] - Unable to Can now sort advanced search results by the Owner field
  • [MDP-3668] - Expirying of Eligible accounts was not updated the search results NHS England account eligibility changes did not update the search index correctly
  • [MDP-1660] - Debug mode now shows inbound attributes etc from SAML IdPslocal connections (e.g. ADFS)
  • [MDP-3072] - Activate account Enhanced error handling has been enhancedfor account activation
  • [MDP-3380] - Ability to Updated migration path for legacy SAML connections to be used on the new authentication point when using the that used urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:eduPersonTargetedID as the unique identifier to maintain user personalisation.



Previous releases

Release date: 13 September 2016


  • MDP-3073 - If a users session expired on (old) they had difficulty signing in again without closing their browser
  • MDP-3521 - Removed customised resources view in MyAthens for customer domains that had this enabled

Release date:


17 August 2016

Major new features

FeatureAvailable toNotes
Improved search function - speed and flexibilityAll

Search results are now almost instant for even the largest domains.In-field operators are now available.

See: About search

Maximum number of accounts that can be downloaded in one go has been increasedAllThe search improvements have meant the limit can be increased from ~20k to 70k
Improvements to groupsAll

New group management page

Search results can be filtered by group and have a new action available to allocate groups

Redirector improvements for customers in the UK Access Management federationUK federation membersA default federation can be set for situations where there would be differences in entityIDs or access URLs between the federations.