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Notable bug fixes and other enhancements


  • MDP-177 - You cannot set favourite resource on federation resource in MyAthens


  • MDP-554 - Federated connection display names not being populated automatically when new customers created


  • MDP-911 - Token URL generated in UAT contains reference to the like authentication point for non-interactive session creation


  • MDP-1227 - Account Advanced Search Result UI cannot handle organisation name with non-English characters


  • MDP-1396 - Organisation name not being displayed in MyAthens when owner is not unique organisation


  • MDP-1907 - Permission Sets for user being lost when attempting to move account to the same organisation via the API


  • MDP-1985 - Accounts show wrong status when viewing accounts not owned by sub admin


  • MDP-2268 - Refreshing custom SAML resource resets Visible and hidden flag


  • MDP-611 - Custom search panel bug with hidden parameters causing hidden parameters to be removed


  • MDP-1852 - DA Encryption key help text has wrong information


  • MDP-2061 - "non-activated accounts" automatic deletion not honouring setting on the "domain preferences" page


  • MDP-2128 - Warning message when enabling restrictive mode makes specific reference to Federated resources


  • MDP-2246 - Account list tab reads 'Accesss'


  • MDP-2304 - New authentication point enhanced to block accounts that are marked as ineligible


  • MDP-1936 - Improved user journey for adding of Local Authentication connections
  • MDP-1304 - Update password popup help box
  • MDP-1964 - Allow administrators to copy entity ID and scope from connections page
  • MDP-2280 - Domain Manager - Prevent users from adding duplicate scope values






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Release date: 10th December 2015