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After clicking on the add button you will be prompted for a description and name and ID for your new permission set:


The ID name is automatically generated based on the permission set namedescription, but you can change it if you wish. This ID will appear The name appears in data downloads, and the audit report and can . It is also be used in bulk uploads. Permission set IDs names, like account username, cannot be modified once created.

Once you click the create button you are taken to the modify page for your new permission set. This is the same page you would see if you clicked on the name of an existing permission set.


The Attributes tab gives you control over the PLACEHOLDER - SHIBBOSTUFF BITS for FEDERATIONS BEING DONE LATER

At the top right there is a display of the number of connected accounts and resources. Buttons beside the numbers let you modify which accounts and resources are associated with that permission set.