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Many of the options are about account activation and will apply only if you are creating accounts through the interface (custom self registration can use different settings):

  • Would you like to specify the accounts' passwords manually or use account activationchange from the recommended account activation process and always specify a password?
  • Will the default login by email address option be yes or no?
  • If you are using account activation, do you want to send the user an email with an activation code?
  • How long are activation codes valid for? (1 - 365 days)
  • When will the account expire? (1 - 60 months after it is created)
  • Should a warning email be sent to the account holder before their account expires or not (sent at two and four weeks before expiry)
  • How long after an account expires should it be automatically deleted? (Never, or 0 - 365 days)
  • Whether federated resources will get a response if they are not specified in permission sets