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You should familiarise yourself with the...

  1. technical recommendations
  2. best practices
  3. user authorisation options
  4. test process

If you're using OpenAthens software such as Keystone, federation things will be sorted out as part of that set-up so the rest of this page will concentrate on the process for bringing an existing SAML SP such as Shibboleth (that might already be in other federations) to OpenAthens.  


Once that is done you just need to  PLACEHOLDER - LINKS Then PLACEHOLDER: Getting production readyto cover off any marketing things to do with names, descriptions and logos and you're ready to submit it for publication. See: Getting production ready.

When you submit it for publication our service desk will run some checks to make sure it's all working and will be a good experience for our mutual customers. As this can lead to them getting back to you with requirements or recommendations it's best to plan in time and resource.