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So that Wayfinder can be freely used by anyone whether or not they use OpenAthens, it has been designed to reference the metadata of multiple federations that . If you are in where a federation and your entity has a relevant <idpdisc:DiscoveryResponse> tag, then the all the visible IdPs of that federation will be included in search results

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All SP software


There are various reasons why an IdP entity would might be hidden from Wayfinder using the hide-from-discovery entity category such as:

  • IdP represents the Service ProviderIdP is not yet ready to go live / migrate
  • IdP is one of our own test / experimental ones  


  • ones
  • IdP represents the Service Provider (you wouldn't want to mix up Oxford University Press and Oxford University)

In such those cases there are times when you (but not everyone) would need to see them. For those situations we have a javascript boomarklet you can use:

  1. Drag the bookmarklet to your shortcuts bar if you don't already have it:

    <div style="width:100px200px;border:1px solid;text-align: center; background-color:#e0e0eb">
    <p><a href="javascript: (function(){var jsCode = document.createElement('script'); jsCode.setAttribute('src', '/resources/wayfinder-debug.js'); document.body.appendChild(jsCode);}());">Wayfinder Debug</a></p></div>
  2. Go to a page on the wayfinder domain and click the bookmarklet.  You'll get a message that tells you it's been turned on (or off). It can only be turned on or off on the wayfinder domain, e.g. during a referral. If Wayfinder is  embedded in your application you'll need to go there manually ( isn't pretty but will do for thisget it done for you and you can also get the bookmarklet from there).
  3. Hidden orgs will now be visible in Wayfinder whilst you run your teststo you in that browser and indicated by an icon (
    Awesome Icon