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Here is a breakdown of the tokens that you will need to replace when consructing the URL mentioned above.

domainThis should be your domain that OpenAthens has registered for youPlease contact OpenAthens service desk if you need help finding
appIdThis should be the unique ID of the Keystone application you are using your own discovery service withLogin to the OpenAthens Publisher dashboard and view the Keystone application details to obtain the appId1667f93a-2a82-4418-a72b-747daa6eb9a3
encodedEntityThis should be the ID of the entity that will perform the identity authentication, which should be known to OpenAthensThis value should be encoded to make it URL ( - unencoded).
encodedTargetThis should be where you want the user to be returned to after they have successfully authenticatedThis value should be encoded to make it URL ( - unencoded)

If you have constructed the URL correctly, the OpenAthens connect service will handle everything else for you (smile)