This space contains the old OpenAthens SP documentation and is no longer maintained.
OpenAthens SP software is already out of support and reached end of life in May 2020.

Check out OpenAthens Keystone instead. It's supercool and makes dealing with SAML much easier.


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In your IIS Manager:

  1. In the server node, select the ISAPI and CGI Restrictions option

  2. Enable the aspnet_isapi.dll for your version of .NET

  3. In the sites note, navigate to the site and select the Handler Mappings option

  4. Actions > Add Script Mapping

  5. Set:

    1. Request path: *

    2. Executable: path to the aspnet_isapi.dll that you enabled earlier

  6. Click the request restrictions button and clear the "Invoke handler only if request..." option.

  7. Ok


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